3 Easy Ways to Conserve Home Energy

It's always a good time to think about lowering the cost of home heating and energy. Here are 3 upgrades to improve the comfort in your home by installing a window insulation kit, a furnace humidifier and LED light bulbs.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

3 Easy Ways to Conserve Home Energy Cold enough for you? Now is a good time for projects that conserve energy - heat, especially - in the winter. Take a trip through any home center or hardware store and find products to lower your heating and energy bill. Here are three projects we think are particularly good ones. Just follow the links and find the job costs to keep drafty windows buttoned up and your home heating and lighting systems working at peak performance.

1. Seal drafty windows to keep cold weather out by installing a window insulation kit. It’s a simple job to apply the clear film on the window frame with a hair dryer to shrink it to fit the size of the window. COST TO WEATHERPROOF A WINDOW

2. Don’t let your HVAC (heating and cooling system) circulate air through a dirty filter. Change the filter so the system can work efficiently. And consider adding a furnace humidifier which regulates the moisture level and prevent dry conditions. It lowers heating costs because moist air tends to feel warmer, so there's a good chance you can lower the thermostat setting. These units fill themselves from the house's water supply so, except for an occasional cleaning, they are maintenance free. COST TO INSTALL A FURNACE HUMIDIFIER

3. Change old light bulbs to LED (light emitting diode) bulbs and save up to 80% a year in energy costs, that’s according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Choose Energy Star© products but you don't have to make the swap all at one time. Instead budget the transition to energy-efficient lights over a period of time and you’ll enjoy a gradual drop in your lighting energy bill. If you’re considering replacing light fixtures, here’s a link to the COST OF REPLACING 15 TYPES OF LIGHT FIXTURES

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