Forecast: Winter Storm on the Way

When the forecast is for snow and lots of it, get your home ready with these strategies to safely survive the worst winter weather at home.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Forecast: Winter Storm

Our weather experts can predict snow and ice coming our way thanks to the technology created for accurate forecasting. That gives us an edge on getting ready and preparing our homes and family for a hiatus indoors. The cold temperatures can bring heavy snow, sleet, and icy conditions that break off tree limbs severing power lines, leaving homes without heat, electricity and a water supply, or a combination of damaging elements, not to mention impassable driveways, sidewalks and roads. Here are ways to make your home a refuge against those threatening conditions and create a place to weather the storm.

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared

*** Locate your snow shovels or other snow removal equipment and confirm it’s in working order.

*** Lay in a supply or rock salt or sand or other material to spread on ice

***If you have a pet that needs walking, make sure there’s an ice-free and snow-free path to walk on

***If you have a fireplace or stove, order firewood or pellets

***Have a fuel supply for a generator

***Lay in a food and water supply that does not require cooking or refrigeration i.e. fruit, cereal, bread, crackers, etc. Fill a cooler with ice for perishables and keep on porch outside the house. Don’t forget medicine and pet and baby food.

Before Cold Weather Conditions Arrive

*** Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear

*** Caulk windows and doors to keep out cold air and wind

***Trim tree branches near the house

*** Check to see exposed water pipes are insulated; and open cabinet doors with water pipes inside them, especially those on the north side of the house. Overnight dribble water through them.

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