The 2-Minute Test at Your DIY Big Box

Two-minute test: Do you expect your home improvement retailer to engage with you within two minutes? Here's results of a Customer Satisfaction survey shows.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

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The recent J.D. Power study of 2,972 customers of five home improvement retailers - Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, and True Value - reveals they expect to receive assistance from a store employee within two minutes from entering the store. That’s the key take-away from the 2018 Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Survey. That’s surprising from someone who has wandered aimlessly down long aisles for much longer than two minutes without seeing anyone remotely interested in helping me.

Here’s how the retailers ranked: 1. Menard, 2. Ace Hardware, 3. Lowe’s, 4. Home Depot and 5. True Value.

Menards ranks highest in customer satisfaction among home improvement retailers and performs particularly well in the merchandise; price; and sales and promotion factors. Ace Hardware ranks second, performing highest in staff and service. Lowe’s ranks third, performing highest in merchandise and store facility.

In major metropolitan areas where these big boxes are located near one other, customers have a choice of where to shop. Undoubtedly they choose the retailer where they will be helped right away. However, in remote areas like where I live, there's only one DIY retailer. I'll be curious on my next run and will check my watch to see if they pass the "2-minute" test. I can only hope.

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