January Home Maintenance

Follow these 10 ways to inspect your heating system and appliances so they work at peak performance and make a new year's resolution to get organized and declutter.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Monthly Chores Checklist and Inspections

January Checklist January
  • Take down and store holiday decorations
  • Replace filters or wash permanent ones in heating system
  • Check for leaks in forced air heat duct joints and seal with duct tape
  • Look for indoor condensation on windows and cure
  • Vacuum coils of refrigerator condenser
  • Check refrigerator door seal for airtightness by closing it on a dollar bill half in and half out. If it pulls out easily the hinge may need adjusting or the seal may need to be replaced
  • Inspect and clean the spray arm and strainer of dishwasher and flush with vinegar
  • Unclutter the utility closet and reorganize
  • Inspect air leaks in electrical outlets and install foam gaskets to seal them
  • Label the electrical outlets in the power circuit panel
  • Compile product warranties

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