Kitchen & Bath Upgrades in a Multi-Gen Home

Make improvements in the kitchen and bathroom of your home or incorporate the upgrades building a new home to make the rooms more comvenient and comfortable to live in.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

End Closet Clutter

Job Costs for Remodeling a Kitchen or Bathroom

These upgrades in the kitchen or bathroom make using them easier. For example, you have a free hand with a one-handle faucet prepping food, loading a dishwasher and cleaning up afterwards. A cabinet rollout lets you easily find what’s buried deep inside a cabinet without stooping or bending. In the bathroom consider converting an existing bathtub to an easy-walking shower or installing a wall-mounted sink for easy access from a wheelchair. Whether you’re remodeling to add new living quarters to your existing home or building a new multi-gen home, consider these upgrades.

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