10 Easy Age Proofing Ideas

Want to ageproof your home to stay in control - and in your home - as you age? Are you an adult child helping your parents make their home more comfortable and convenient to get around? Use this list to come up with a plan.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

10 Easy Age Proofing Ideas

Try these common sense ideas that make your home an easy place to live whether you're young or old. These are ways to accident-proof your home so it's a safe haven for everyone who lives there. While these ideas are easy-on-the-budget they go a long way to making the rooms in your house comfortable and convenient. They may cost next to nothing but they create a family-friendly place where it's safe and comfortable to live.

  1. Use nightlights in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways
  2. Secure extension and appliance cords to the base shoe molding at the bottom of a wall with u-shaped staples
  3. Tame the tangle of home electronic cables and wire with cord managers, covers and cable protectors
  4. Remove throw rugs (especially at the top and bottom of a staircase) or secure them with a rug grip or rug tape
  5. Install a grab bar in a tub or shower for safe footing
  6. Increase bathroom lighting for putting on makeup or reading the tiny print label on medicine
  7. Add under-cabinet lighting for chopping food or reading a recipe in the kitchen
  8. Add rollout storage shelves in cabinets to easily see what's inside
  9. Add a second hand rail on the wall of a staircase and increase the lighting to assure safe passage
  10. Bridge the gap between different floor levels of two rooms by installing a multi-level door threshold reducer so they are level

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