Install Grab Bars

Make your bathtub and shower safer and more convenient to use with a grab bar that helps bathers get in and out without slipping or falling.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Install Grab Bars

A grab bar provides a secure handle for getting into and out of a slippery bathtub and for stepping into and out of a shower stall. Every age member of a family will find a grab bar comforting, especially anyone suffering from an injury. The location of a grab bar or safety rail is a consideration when adding one because family members come in different sizes, not to mention, continue to grow. To test drive where to locate one have family members attach a piece of tape or post-it note where a grip would be handy as they get in and out of the tub or shower.

If you're not ripping out the wall and exposing the wall studs, your next best option is to use anchors designed as a blind fastening system, to be installed on sturdy walls made of tile over plaster and lath or tiled walls with at least 1/2-inch thick cement board or drywall wall behind them. There is also an anchoring system designed to install a grab bar to an existing shower and tub with fiberglass walls. While a carpenter will charge $155 to make the installation, you can buy the components and install them for $65, assuming you have some basic carpentry skills and tools.

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