User-friendly Cabinets

Get the most storage out of your kitchen cabinets by rethinking what items you use the most and make them accessible.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

User-friendly Cabinets

The cabinets in a kitchen store all the items that nourish a household, but there's a lot of stuff in them that isn't used or useful. To make the cabinets more family friendly and serve everyone who uses them consider incorporating some of these ideas.

If you're like most people you use the same size dishes and pans repeatedly so give those everyday items priority placement on the easy-to-reach lower shelves. Store them close to the work area where you use them.

Add a countertop accessory like an inexpensive folding plastic-coated wire shelf for frequently used items like coffee service or pet supplies. Or install a backsplash accessory like a hanging rack or shelf to store things you use everyday.

Free up shelf space by getting rid of dishes and pans you rarely use. Sell them in a yard sale or pack them in a sturdy box and donate them to a thrift shop. If you can't bear to part with them, put the box in storage and if months go by and you forget about them it'll be easier to give them away.

Store items you rarely use on the top shelves of wall cabinets or in the back of base cabinet shelves. To get access to the interior of cabinets install rollout shelves or baskets so you can see and reach them.

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