Add a Second Railing

Both young and old family members will appreciate having the security of a second hand rail for climbing stairs.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Add a Second Railing

Climbing stairs comes naturally unless someone in the house has difficulty moving, then getting up and down those stairs become a major obstacle. Just ask someone recovering from a sprained ankle and they'll tell you that stairs are a killer. To make a stairway more family friendly add a second rail so there's one on either side. Two railings make navigating stairs more manageable because they provide sure-footing and safety where it's most needed. You'll find a stair rail and the brackets to secure it to the wall sold at lumberyards and home centers. All rails should extend the full length of the stairs for the safest footing. It's a good idea to ask your local building department if there are requirements about length and wall location if you're adding a railing.

If the rail requires a finish you'll find it's easier to apply the stain or paint before it's installed on the wall.

Keep Stairs Clutter-free

It's easy to use stairs as a temporary spot to store items ready to go upstairs, but anything on a stair can be a potential tripping hazard. And since way too many falls occur on stairs - both going up and coming down - the best house rule is to keep stairs clutter free at all times. Make using all the stairs accident-proof and family friendly for everyone in the house.

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