Confine Cords for Safe Footing

Prevent a tripping accident by keeping cords safely contained and neat and tidy.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

A long run of loose cords can be a short road to a tripping accident. A simple telephone, lamp, TV or extension cord that isn't secured is all that's needed to catch anyone off guard. While these cords are often tucked behind furniture or long draperies they can be easily moved when a vacuum disturbs them and that's when they are the most dangerous. To create a family friendly home that eliminates this hazard there are several solutions.

The low tech answer is to bundle the cords together so they're contained and visible using a simple wire twist every 2-3 feet of cord. Or use inexpensive electrical ties in the same way. Another option: use u-shaped staples to fasten cords to the base shoe molding at the bottom of a wall.

The high tech solution comes from the electronics industry, which creates miles or cords and cables connecting equipment together. At you'll find an amazing array of cord managers, covers and cable protectors designed to conceal wires and cords. Basically the lightweight version of these are nothing more than lengths of flat and raised rubber strips with an open slit on the bottom where you tuck the cord. Cost-wise a 5-foot length strip runs about $13. When the cords are bundled conceal them behind furniture so they're not going to trip up any family members.