Increase Lighting Where It's Needed

Make everyday living easier with the addition of lighting throughout the house.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Increase Lighting Where It's Needed

Many stairways and hallways are poorly lit by only one overhead fixture that isn't adequate. You can upgrade the fixture by increasing the bulb wattage to the maximum safe wattage. Or add a nightlight if there's an electrical outlet nearby. Inexpensive stick-on-the-wall battery-operated lights are another way to increase the lighting to assure safe footing day or night. Add lighting however you can and be assured you're making your house family friendly.

While most bedrooms have a bedside table lamp an added security measure is a nightlight to prevent stumbling in the dark and falling if you're up in the middle of the night. But what if there's a power failure? As a precautionary measure, put a battery-operated flashlight in everyone's bedroom and keep it in a handy place so it's easy to find and use. Periodically change the batteries so they're fresh and ready to shine when you need them.

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