Eliminate or Secure Throw Rugs

Remove small rugs from your home and prevent an unnecessary fall or tripping hazard. They're an accident waiting to happen.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Eliminate or Secure Throw Rugs

Eliminate unnecessary throw or scatter rugs to prevent tripping on them. Yes, a small rug is attractive and adds protection to heavy traffic areas, but it's often the cause of a misstep that can lead to a falling accident.

To secure one to the floor, add a rug tape on the bottom of the rug to tighten its grip on the surface of the floor. The wide tape, which costs under $10 at a hardware store or home center, works on all types of flooring surfaces, but not on carpeting. Measure and cut the tape to a few inches smaller than the four sides or outside perimeter of the rug. If it's a large rug make an X using the tape in the center. A liner on the tape protects its adhesive side. After measuring a strip of rug tape remove the liner and apply the liner side to the back of the rug. Repeat until the outline of the rug is covered and then press the rug down firmly in place.

Safety experts tell us a scatter rug at the top or bottom of a stairway is especially dangerous. To make your home family friendly eliminate them wherever you can.

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