Threshold Reducer Prevents Tripping

Prevent a tripping accident from happening with a door threshold reducer to bridge the gap between different floor levels.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Threshold Reducer Prevents Tripping

If you've remodeled over the years and have different floor heights in some rooms you can level the floor throughout using a multi-floor transition threshold. This is important because uneven floor surfaces can be a tripping accident waiting to happen, especially for anyone convalescing from an injury or who is unsteady on their feet.

The multi-floor transition threshold, which costs about $50, is designed around hidden fasteners or plugs created to flex and accommodate different levels. You tap the threshold into holes drilled into the floor until it is level and bridges the two surfaces. There's also hardwood transition thresholds specifically designed to bridge a gap between a hardwood floor and other surfaces. You'll find them sold at lumberyards and home centers and online at

Whether you've remodeled in the past or are planning it in the future, this simple home improvement makes it family friendly for everyone who lives there.

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