Easy Improvements at Your Door

Upgrade the entrance to your front and back door so it's easier to see and enter.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Easy Improvements at Your Door

To increase the visibility at the front and back door of your home improve the light fixture. Increase the bulb wattage to the maximum safe wattage and clean the globe or glass so the light can shine through it. To discourage intruders trim back any tree branches or bushes from touching the siding and light fixture. Also trim any foliage that encroaches or overhangs the walkways.

Make sure the house numbers are clearly visible and readable from the street so in case of an emergency your address can be identified from an ambulance, fire truck or police vehicle.

It may look like a designer's touch to the exterior of a house, but the addition of a bench is more practical than decorative. It makes the entrance more family friendly by providing a handy resting spot for grocery bags when you arrive home with your hands full. While you try to finagle the key into the door lock carrying a baby or toddler, a bench is a nice place to set them down while you go in search of your keys in the bottom of your bag.