Doll Slide

Here's a free woodworking plan with easy to follow directions for a kid and adult to build a doll's play slide. Only a few basic tools are needed and you're ready to make a slide your dolly will love.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Doll Slide

There is nothing more adorable than a cuddly doll, but we noticed that there's not much furniture built for them. Here's an easy-to-make slide just right for a doll 12 to 20 inches tall. A dowel hinge makes the slide collapsible for easy storage when not in use.

All materials are readily available and inexpensive. Our slide has a natural finish, but you can also spray paint it a cheery color.

Shopping List

Begin construction by cutting the 1-inch- wide lattice to length, following the Cutting List, to make the slide parts. Use an inexpensive wood miter box to make square cuts.

Drill a 3/16-inch hole through the center of each slide side (A). Glue then nail three of the four braces to the underside of the sides at the top, bottom, and center with 5/8-inch wire brads.

Decide which end of the slide you want to be the top. Cut the hinge dowel (F) to length, and place it across the underside of the slide frame next to the top brace. Then place the remaining brace in position next to the dowel, adjust it so that the dowel has room to move, and glue and nail the brace into place.

Cutting List

While the slide frame glue is drying, drill a 1/4-inch hole in each ladder side , 1 inch from one end and centered. Then drill a 3/16-inch hole in each C piece, 6 inches from the same end and centered. Next, glue and nail on the rungs (D), placing the first rung 2 inches from the bottom (the end without the holes) and spacing them 2 inches apart.

Glue and nail the joint brace (E) across the top braces of the slide frame. These pieces keep the dowel hinge in place.

Turn the slide frame over and apply glue to the face of the braces and along the sides. From the light cardboard or posterboard, cut the slide bottom (G) to size, following the Cutting List.


Your slide is easy to finish or paint while it is in two pieces. We gave ours one coat of a natural oil wipe-on finish and used a black posterboard for the slide to create a nice contrast.

When your finish is dry, assemble the slide. Place the 1/4-inch dowel in the hole in the top of your ladder, and align it with the dowel slot on the underside of the slide frame. Then push the dowel into the hole. You might have to work the dowel a little, because paint may have dripped into these holes. Flip the slide over and insert the other hinge dowel into its hole. Then fit the posterboard in place, and the slide is completely assembled.

Thread string through the holes in the center of the ladder and slide sides, and tie knots in its ends to keep it in place. Your slide will stand or can be folded flat for storage.

TIME REQUIRED Two to three hours for cutting, building, and assembling, plus drying time for glue and finish.

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