Spice Bottle Rack

Here's a free woodworking plan for spice bottles in the kitchen of pill bottles in the bathroom. The rack is easy to build with only a few basic tools required.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Spice or Pill Bottle Rack

In the kitchen, this rack can be used to organize spice bottles; on the bathroom counter, it can store pills and toiletries. This handy little bottle rack has all kinds of uses around the house. It can either stand alone or be mounted on a wall. We used scrap flakeboard with lattice sides and painted our bottle rack with two coats of enamel spray paint. Plywood will work just as well, or you can use a piece of lxl2 lumber for the back. Materials for this bottle rack are inexpensive, and it makes a useful and attractive gift.

Shopping List

Cut the shelves (B) from a short piece of lx4 pine. Then cut the shelf fronts © from 13/4-inch lattice. Use an inex- pensive wood miter box for a clean square cut. Cut the shelf sides (D) from the lattice, too. Assembly is easy. Measure 61/4 inches from the bottom of the back (A), and mark a straight line across its width. This is where you align the bottom edge of the top shelf.

Drive four number 6 finishing nails through the back 3/g inch above its bottom edge and 3/8 inch above the top shelf layout line.

Cutting List

Put glue on the back edge of the bottom shelf, and have one team member hold it on the edge while the other positions it on the back. The first shelf should be aligned with the ends of the back and flush with the bot- tom. Nail it into place. Glue up the back edge of the top shelf, and align its bottom edge with your layout line. Drive nails into the wood to secure it.

The sides of the shelves (D) go on next. Check that the shelves are square with the back, and then put glue on the shelf ends. Align the sides with the front edge of the shelf, and nail them into place with 7/8-inch brads. Place the brads as far from the edges as possible to avoid splitting the wood.


Now glue and nail on the shelf fronts ©. Align them flush with the ends of the sides, and drive 7/8-inch wire brads through the fronts into the ends of the sides and along the bottom edge into the shelf. If you used plywood for the back, fill any gaps along the edge with wood putty, then sand your rack smooth with 120-grit sandpaper.

We gave our bottle rack two coats of enamel spray paint and plan to use it as a freestanding shelf. Add a hanging bracket to the back if you want to mount the rack on a wall.

TIME REQUIRED Four hours for cutting, building, and assembling, plus drying time for glue and finish.

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