Plant Center

Start little seedlings in these flower pots and watch them grow in this easy to build woodworking project. It's a project any parent and child will enjoy making and using.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

 Plant Center

The "green thumb" member of the family will proudly display his or her plants in this easy-to-build three-pot plant holder. We designed it around an 18-inch plastic win- dow box liner to hold three 3-inch-diameter clay pots. The planter is made of only four pieces of lx6 wood. We chose redwood, but you could also use pine. Since water spills are likely, we treated our holder with a water sealer.

Shopping List

Redwood is soft and easy to cut. Lay out the dimensions of the sides (A) and the top and bottom (B) on the lx6 board, following the Cutting List, and cut out the pieces. Choose one of your B parts for the top, and lay out the location of the three pot holes. The hole centers are located 3 1/2 inches from each end (side holes) and 9 inches from either end (middle hole), centered 2 3/4 inches from either edge. Use a compass to draw a 1 1/2-inch-radius circle around each of these points. Then drill a 3/8-inch hole at a point inside each circle touching the circumference. Clamp the top to the table, and using these holes to insert holes along the bottom edge of the side into the edge of the bottom. Check that the lower edge of the side is flush with the bottom.

Cutting List

Put glue on the end of the top (B), and nail it in place 3 1/4 inches above the bottom. Then turn your holder over, and glue and nail on the other side. Set all nail heads below the surface of the wood with a nail set, and your plant holder is ready for service. Place the plastic liner on the base to catch any overflow.


We applied a coat of water sealer with a rag to prevent water stains. This is only for appearance, since redwood is not harmed by water and is naturally rot resistant.

TIME REQUIRED Two to three hours for cutting, building, and assembling, plus drying time for glue and finish.

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