All About Tools

Here's an explanation of the woodworking tools a parent and child can use to build things together with ease and precision.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

An adjustable bevel is a gauge with a flat, metal blade attached to a wooden handle. By loosening a screw, you can adjust the gauge to any angle. This tool is useful for marking angles on wood.

A back saw is a short, fine-toothed saw with a rectangular blade. It is used alone or in a miter box for cutting wood.

A clamp is used to hold parts of a wood- working project in position while they are being glued together. There are several types of clamping devices for special purposes. One of the most popular is the C clamp, which is shaped like the letter C and has an adjustable screw on one end for applying pressure.

A chisel has a sturdy handle and a blade with a sharp end designed to chip away pieces of wood. It can be used alone or by striking the end of the handle with a mallet to nudge it through the wood.

A claw hammer has a metal head with one flat end for striking and the other forked for removing nails. Its handle is made of wood, fiberglass, or steel.

A combination square is a 3@2-inch steel rule attached to a handle with a small level. It is useful for aligning parts accurately before assembling them.

A compass is an instrument used to draw arcs or circles or to take measurements. It has two pointed legs connected at one end by a pivot; one leg holds a pencil for marking the curved line.

A coping saw has a C-shaped metal frame holding a very thin blade. It is used for making very fine detail cuts in wood.

A hand drill looks like an old-fashioned eggbeater and is used to make holes in wood using standard drill bits.

A keyhole saw has a curved handle and a long, thin blade. It is used for cutting holes and curves in wood.

A miter box is made of wood and has two sides and a bottom. The sides have matching slots cut at 45- and 90-degree angles. It is used to make angled cuts in wood with precision.

A nail set is a small, pointed steel shaft used with a hammer to drive nails below the surface of the wood.

A tape measure or rule is a retractable flat tape inside a case. It is used for taking measurements.

A vise is a mechanical device for holding a piece of wood while you work on it.