Safety Practices

Safety comes first and foremost so follow this advice for kids and adults about using tools and working around a workshop.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

Most children can safely handle tools with proper supervision. We find that working one-on-one with little kids is especially important because of their need for guidance and supervision. Here are basic guidelines for kids building projects in this book, as well as some general safety advice for kids around a workshop or remodeling project.

  • Insist that kids wear safety goggles to protect their eyes when nailing, cut- ting wood, or performing any other task with cutting or striking tools. These goggles are sold at hardware stores and home centers for under $2, and kids love to wear them.
  • It's better for a kid to use a small-size real tool, such as a ladies' hammer, instead of a toy tool unless you know the toy version is heavily constructed of quality materials.
  • Put ear muffs or ear protectors on kids before using loud power tools.
  • A bicycle or football helmet is the perfect hard hat for a kid to wear around the workshop or a remodeling job site.
  • Give kids a work belt or apron to get in the habit of using one
  • If you're sanding drywall or doing fine sanding, everyone should wear a dust mask.
  • Don't ever allow kids to play or work with tools unsupervised.
  • Keep all tools stored safely and out of reach, especially those with sharp blades and edges.
  • Keep paint and other toxic substances out of reach of young children.