Glossary of Woodworking Terms

Here's an explanation of some of the woodworking terms and words to help you get the best results with your building project.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

acrylic-a clear synthetic material that comes in sheets; used in windows instead of glass

actual size-the measurement of some- thing as it exists

align-to bring parts of a project into a straight line

aluminum nail-a lightweight, stainless, and rustproof nail

anchor-a type of fastener used to secure something to a wall

apprentice-pern who works under a skilled craftsperson while learning a trade

bar clamp-a bar or metal rod with clamps that adjust; holds two large glued pieces of wood together

bead-a thin application of glue or other adhesive

bore-to make a hole in or through wood with a drill

box nail-a narrow nail with a wide head; used for nailing thin wood close to the edge

brad-a finishing nail less than 1 inch long clamp-to hold two glued pieces of wood together while the glue dries

countersink-a recess below the surface of wood to receive the head of a nail, screw, or bolt

cutout-a design cut out of wood or to be cut out

dimensional lumber-standardized sizes of lumber

dowel-a round piece of wood that is sold in various diameters

finishing nail-a slender nail with a small head that does not protrude out of wood; its size is denoted by a number plus the letter d, e.g., 3d; the smaller the number, the shorter the nail

flakeboard-a composition board made of flakes and particles of wood bonded together with a synthetic resin; also called particleboard or chipboard

flush-the alignment of two components together so that the surfaces are even and form a continuous plane

furring-a thin strip of wood

galvanized nail-a nail that has been treated to prevent rusting

hardwood-wood that is dense and diffi- cult to cut, such as oak or maple

jig (with guide holes)-a device used as a guide for a tool or as a template

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