Glossary of Woodworking Terms

Here's an explanation of some of the woodworking terms and words to help you get the best results with your building project.

By Gene And Katie Hamilton

knot-a variation in wood grain that is hard and often looks like a blemish

laminate-to build up layers of wood with glue, forming an interesting cross-sec- tion of end grain when cut

lattice-narrow strips Of 1/4-inch thick pine of varying widths

layout lines or marks-marks showing how and where pieces of a woodworking project go together

miter cut-a cut made at an angle so that two pieces of board can be joined to form an angle

nominal size-the dimension of lumber after sawing but before being planed

parting stop-a small wood piece used in double-hung windows

partitions-dividing section or segment

peg hole-a hole in wood the right size for a peg

perimeter-the combined lengths of all the sides of a piece or a project

pilot hole-a preliminary small guide hole to help in placement and drilling of holes in a woodworking project

plug-a small, pointed wooden peg pushed into a hole in wood

radius-the distance from the center of a circle to its circumference

rip-to cut a board lengthwise

roofing nail-a thick nail with a wide head used for attaching asphalt roofing to wood underlayment; it is often used for woodworking projects made with thick wood and that will be subjected to rugged use

score-to partially cut or mark with a sharp tool before cutting

scrap-an unneeded piece of wood that may be used as a guide, to hold pieces of a project together, or to protect wood from the blows of a tool

softwood-wood that is soft to the touch and easy to nail into, such as pine

splintering-the splitting or breaking of wood into slivers

square cut-a straight end cut made on a board

stock-commonly used and available wood pieces

stop block-a piece of wood used as a guide for length when sawing multiple pieces of wood to the same size

tack-to fasten wood pieces together loosely

templates-pattern to follow for a piece of a project

waste side-the cutoff part of a piece of wood

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