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Find articles about everything relating to the cost of improvements - job costs about attics, basements, age proofing and beyond. Check out advice and cost reports about decks, fencing, garages, gardening, holidays and more.

  • Tips and Hints to Age Proof a Home

    Age proofing a home means making it easier to live in which includes moving around, staying in touch and preventing an accident. This list features good ideas and useful hints and tips to make a home convenient and comfortable.
  • Cost of Age Proofing Improvements

    Use this information to plan a budget to make 19 popular age proofing upgrades to your home. Compare the cost of hiring a contractor to do the work with doing the job yourself.
  • Simple Solutions to Age Proof a Home

    Find advice about easy, no or low cost changes and ways to modify your home to make it more convenient and comfortable to live in.
  • Railings and Bars for Safety's Sake

    Add a little help to get around your house by installing or replacing handrails and railings and grab bars in the bathtub and shower stall.
  • Holiday Lighting Advice

    Here's advice about decorating with holiday lights and safe ways to connect power cords for your outdoor holiday lighting displays.
  • Homesteading

    Wouldn’t it be tempting to acquire home-grown organic food without incurring much expense? Imagine what it would be like to live on free land, away from the noise and stride of urban lives. Homesteading is the key to fulfilling these dreams.
  • 10 Springtime Home and Garden Fix Ups

    Here's a look at routine maintenance and fix up chores to keep your property looking good all season long.
  • Job Costs for Deck Building

    Find the cost of building a deck made of different materials and compare the cost of doing it yourself with hiring a contractor. Consider adding an awning, pergola, railing and underdeck ceiling to expand its use.
  • Job Costs to Age Proof a Kitchen

    Looking for ways to make your kitchen more convenient to prepare foods and safer to work in? Improve the lighting, storage and fixtures without remodeling with these low cost upgrades.
  • Exterior Upgrade Costs

    Find the cost of building a deck, fencing, exterior lighting and outdoor maintenance chores in these job cost reports to keep the exterior of your house and yard in good working order.
  • Interior Upgrade Costs

    Use these job costs to help plan a budget for all the decorating projects in your home. Learn what you can expect to spend on lighting, window treatments, built-ins, ceiling tiles, floor tiles and other upgrades to make your home the best it can be.
  • Kitchen Upgrade Costs

    Whether it's a minor facelift or a major remodel there's a lot to consider making over a kitchen. Use these job costs to help plan your budget for kitchen cabinets, countertops, plumbing and electrical work and flooring and ceiling upgrades.
  • Bathroom Upgrade Costs

    Remodeling a bathroom? Use these project costs to help plan your budget for cabinets, sinks, faucets, toilets, fixtures, electrical work and bathtub and shower installations.
  • Subcontractor vs. Contractor: Who Does What?

    Contractors and subcontractors are both key elements of the construction industry. They work together to get construction jobs done right, using the most skilled individuals available. However, a contractor and a subcontractor have substantially different roles.
  • Car Care Checklist

    Folow these guidelines to maintain your car and keep it operating at peak performance.
  • DIY Car Care

    Even if you never plan to be your car's mechanic you should understand how the engine and systems work and what you can do to keep all of them working.
  • Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament

    Make this adorable mini-ski cap for baby's first Christmas tree ornament or use it to decorate a gift package from Santa. It's sure to be a family treasure.
  • Mini-Ski Cap Ornament

    Make these adorable mini-ski cap ornaments perfect for the tree, to string across a window or decorate gift packages.
  • Woven Felt Heart Ornament

    Make this charming and colorful ornament out of contracting colors of scrap felt in minutes - a terrific kid's craft for the holidays.
  • Twine Ornament

    The interesting octagon shape and natural fibers of the twine make this ornament one that will stand out on any tree.
  • Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

    Looking for some last minute gift ideas that are practical items any and every homeowner should have? Just take a slow walk down the aisles of a hardware store or home center and you've find them all.
  • Fences and How Much They Cost

    A fence does a lot more than enclose property because it enhances a home while creating a handsome perimeter around it. Find out how much it costs to build different types of fences and compare the cost of doing it yourself with hiring a fence builder.
  • 10 Easy Ways to Age Proof a Home

    You can make your home comfortable, convenient and safe for every member of your family no matter how old or how young they are. Here's how.
  • Gift Ideas for a Home Safe Home

    Prevent household accidents and emergencies from happening with these gift ideas that make every home safe and sound.
  • Save Money on Safe Home Upgrades

    Every homeowner wants their home to be a safe and secure environment for everyone who lives there. Does your home have these upgrades and improvements?
  • Holiday Electrical Safety

    Decorating your home can give your electrical system a workout with more load to the outlets. Use these safety precautions to create a festive and accident-free holiday this seaon.
  • Cost Reports: Bathroom Tub and Shower Projects

    Remodeling a bathroom usually involves upgrades to the bathtub and shower. Here’s how much it costs for bathtub and shower projects and what’s involved so you can decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a contractor for the job.
  • Cost Reports: Toilets & Valves

    A toilet is the pivotal fixture in any size or style of bathroom so here are the prices of key toilet jobs involved in any bathroom remodel. Find out how much toilet projects cost, what’s involved and then decide to do the work yourself or hire a plumber.
  • Cost Reports: Bathroom Electrical Work

    Find how much bathroom electrical projects cost, what’s involved and then decide to do the work yourself or hire an electrician.
  • Cost Reports: Bathroom Cabinets, Sinks & Faucets

    Remodeling a bathroom involves replacing old and outdated cabinets, sinks and faucets and replacing them with new stylish ones. Here’s how much it costs for these key components and what’s involved so you can decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a contractor for the job.
  • Cost Reports for Exterior Upgrades

    Use these project costs as a reference to plan your budget for all the work on the exterior of your house and garage. Compare the cost of doing it yourself with what a pro charges and then decide who should do the work.
  • Cost Reports for Home Maintenance & Repairs

    Use these project costs as a reference to plan your budget for all the repair and maintenance chores on your list. Compare the cost of doing it yourself with what a pro charges and then decide who should do the work.
  • Cost Reports for Decorating Jobs

    Planning on redecorating a room or two in your house? Use these estimates to plan your budget for all the upgrades you have in mind. Compare the cost of doing it yourself with what a pro charges and then decide who should do the work.
  • Age Proofing a Home

    Age proofing a home makes it comfortable, convenient and safe for every member of your family, no matter how old or how young they are. Embrace these ideas to make your home age proof and truly family friendly.
  • Cost of Upgrades for an Unfinished Attic

    How much does it cost to untap the storage potential of an unfinished attic with improvements that make it a dry, ventilated and accessible space?
  • Job Costs of Age Proofing a Bathroom

    Looking for ways to make your house timeless and convenient for every family member? Start in the bathroom with these seven solutions that make it comfortable to use and accessible to everyone.
  • Pricing Out Basement Fix Up Projects

    Find the cost of improvement projects and upgrades that make a basement a bonus space with usable room and become less of a catchall and storage area. A basement can expand your living space and become a favorite space for a home office, family room and much more.
  • Garage Overhaul and How Much It Costs

    A sprint of energy is all it takes to tackle one of the most abused spaces around the house - the garage. Pick a nice day, throw open the door and make an earnest attempt to make it orderly and organized.
  • 6 Low Cost Upgrades to Your House Exterior

    Make believe your house is for sale or pretend you're an appraiser inspecting the exterior. Then make these low cost repairs and replacements and you'll like the way it looks.
  • Cost of Kitchen Flooring and Ceiling Jobs

    Call attention to two of the largest surfaces in the kitchen - the floor and ceiling - with materials that add interest, texture and color while providing low maintenance and good looks for years to come.
  • Cost of Kitchen Plumbing and Electrical Jobs

    Before thinking of remodeling your kitchen consider making yours work harder and smarter with these popular plumbing and electrical upgrades.
  • Cost of Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

    No bucks for a major kitchen overhaul? You're not alone. Here's what you'll spend for a minor kitchen remake with the cost of the most popular kitchen upgrades to cabinets and countertops.
  • Costing Out Bathroom Upgrades

    Whether you're installing all new fixtures or replacing some to update the room, the components of a bathroom can be expensive. Find the cost of 21 of the most common projects involved in bathroom remodeling and compare doing it yourself with hiring a contractor.
  • Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and How Much They Cost

    Make your home, yard and garden more attractive, more livable and secure with exterior lighting fixtures.
  • 6 Foyer Fix Ups Under $200

    Make a good first impression on visitors to your home with a front entry that says 'Welcome, come on inside'.
  • Getting a House Ready to Sell

    If you're considering selling your house or planning to list the property in the near future use some of this helpful advice about making your property as appealing as it can be so it will sell faster and for a fair market price.
  • Selling Your House

    Selling a house can be a daunting experience whether you use a real estate broker or put a 'for sale by owner' sign in the front yard. Use these strategies to prepare your house to be scrutinized by strangers and appealing to the right buyer.
  • Floor Tiles and How Much They Cost

    Laying floor tiles is one way to change a room from ordinary to extraordinary and today’s flooring materials make it an almost instant transformation whether it's installed by a professional or a handy DIY homeowner. Whoever does the work the room takes on a whole new personality.
  • Costing Out the Job: Ceiling Tiles

    Transform a room with new ceiling tiles and make the ceiling the center of attention. Learn what’s involved and the cost of coffer, tile, plank and tin ceilings so you can make the decision to hire an installer or do it yourself. Use the calculator to know how many tiles you need for the job.
  • The Cost of Replacing Light Fixtures

    Change a room with a new light fixture and transform the space. It’s not as difficult or expensive as you may think to replace track lighting, a wall light, fluorescent fixture, chandelier, and kitchen and bathroom lighting.
  • Budgeting for Build-ins

    Looking for a way to transform an ordinary room to extraordinary? Consider one of these creative additions that will enhance a room.
  • SAVE THE MOST Painting Projects

    Get inspired with these 4 winning ways with walls that add style and panache to any room in your home. Your reward is a new favorite space and a 75% or more savings if you do the work yourself.
  • SAVE THE MOST Repair, Remove and Restore DIY Jobs

    You'll pocket more than a 75% saving by doing these 7 home fix-up jobs and enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself along with the money you save.
  • WOW Window Redos

    A window treatment can be a knock-out addition to a room but it doesn't have to break your budget. Knowing the cost of window shades, blinds, shutters, cornices and hardware will help you decide which one is right for you.
  • Get Organized Without Going Broke

    Find ways to get organized with storage components and learn how much it costs to install them. When your closets are in order take the next step to getting organized and declutterr your home. .
  • Santa's Safety Tips

    Avoid a fire hazard or accident from happening this holiday by taking advice from the Home Safety Council about the potential danger of lighting candles.
  • Easy-to-make Decorations

    Make a log reindeer, Plant a Christmas tree, Make door and window swags - three easy projects to make and enjoy this year and for years to come.
  • 10 Outdoor DIY Jobs that Save Big

    Make these upgrades and improvements to your property and save 30-80 percent by doing it yourself. If you're a handyman or handywoman or want to be, these jobs are worth doing.
  • Get Ready for the Holidays

    Get ready for entertaining and enjoying the holidays at home with these 10 easy and inexpensive decorating ideas. These doable upgrades and improvements will enhance your house now and for years to come.
  • Pet Projects

    Make your dog or cat's life at home more comfortable and fun with these pet projects. You don't need fancy tools or woodworking experience to show your special friend how much they're a part of the family.
  • Easy Outdoor Jobs That Pay Back

    These basic maintenance chores will keep your property looking good and prevent harmful water damage.
  • Online Tools You Can Use

    Find calculators to estimate materials needed for improvement projects to help you estimate how much you need.
  • Energy-wise Web Sites

    Save money, conserve electricity and reduce home cooling costs with energy saving tips and ideas for your home.
  • Lower Cooling Costs

    Save money, conserve electricity and reduce home cooling costs with energy saving upgrades for your home. Learn how much it costs to make improvements that lower your utility bill whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor.
  • 1st Time Homeowner

    Find answers to your questions about getting organized and living in your first home. Learn easy decorating ideas for the not-so-perfect rooms, how to add lighting that will create comfortable living throughout the house and ways to conserve energy all year long.
  • Lowes: DIY Thank You to Local Heroes

    Show your support for all the front line heroes battling the pandemic every day with a message using objects you find at home - holiday or patio lights strung across a garage door, fence, porch, painted banners and posters, use anything you have - in a DIY moment of appreciation.
  • Homebound? Make an E-plan While Kids E-learn

    Counting the days until you can go back to work? Use the time to make a plan for improving your home.