Decorating and Design

All it takes is a little thought and some creative touches to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary one. Learn the decorating secrets we gleaned from design professionals that can make a Cinderella story out of your home.

  • Makeshift Home Office

    Working from a temporary home office because of the pandemic? Here are simple suggestions to create a make-do office space within the walls of your home.
  • Home Design Changes after COVID-19

    Design professionals suggest new trends in home design that reflect a post COVID era and how design will change as our new normal way of living evolves.
  • Advice from a Pro Paperhanger

    Get tips from a wallpaper professional about ordering and preparing walls before decorating with wallpaper. Use the handy calculator to know how much to buy.
  • Gift Books for Do-it-yourselfers

    Have a creative homeowner on your holiday gift list? These four books - all under $20 - are ideal stocking stuffers that will spark their interest and creative senses. Better than a bottle of wine because they'll refer to them often and use them for years to come.
  • Faking It with Look-alike Products

    If you're decorating a room or trying to conceal an element in it, consider using products designed to imitate and fool the eye. Here's some ideas about products that do just that.
  • Choosing Light Bulbs for Your Home

    Get help from the U.S. Dept. of Energy deciding the type of light bulbs to use in your home that will lower your utility bills.
  • Decorating Jobs in a Day

    Make an ordinary room look extraordinary in less than a day with any of these decorating projects. Many involve repairs and upgrades to windows and walls.
  • All About the Holidays at Home

    Enjoy the holidays with these creative kid’s crafts and home decoration ideas. Play it safe with advice about lighting and holiday safety issues and create a festive spirit throughout your home.
  • Easy-to-make Holiday Ornaments

    Make these adorable Christmas tree ornaments for less than $1 and in an hour's time. They're easy to make and will be cherished for years to come.
  • The Evolution of the Living Rooms

    Over the years how we use living rooms in our homes has changed and evolved since the 1950s.
  • The Power of Paint

    Decorate your house with paint using its amazing power to make the rooms sparkle and shine. It's no surprise that painting is the most popular do-it-yourself project. Use the handy material calculator to know how much paint to buy for the job.
  • Room by Room Lighting Scheme

    The rooms in your home are used for different reasons so illuminate them with these lighting design concepts that take you through every room in your house.
  • 3 Basics of Kitchen Design

    Use these guidelines remodeling a kitchen to create a usable floorplan, arrange appliances for safe and convenient use, and plenty of counterspace for optimum working conditions.
  • Bathroom Design Basics

    Whether your bathroom makeover is a major event or a minor fix-up there's a lot to think about. Consider these design details for any type of bathroom remodel.
  • $50 Ideas for an Exterior Makeover

    Give your home curb appeal and make the first impression of your home a positive experience with these inexpensive decorating ideas and upgrades for the front entry and exterior.
  • Lighting Basics

    Lighting a room - any room - involves a combination of general, task and accent lighting to create a comfortable and convenient place to live.
  • Decorating on a Budget

    Try some of these easy-on-the-wallet ways to decorate your home and enjoy living there with these inexpensive improvements.
  • Budget Bathroom Facelift Ideas

    Try these easy and inexpensive decorating ideas and learn how much they cost to transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Painting a Room Basics

    Improve a room with a coat of paint - it's never been easier. Find advice from designers and painting contractors about how to paint, what type of paint, brushes and rollers to use and how to paint a room like a pro.