Improvements and Upgrades

Enhancements make a home more comfortable and convenient to live in and at the same time increase its value. Consider these improvements that you can enjoy now and for years to come and you'll reap the rewards both short and long term.

  • 16 Money Saving DIY Home Improvements

    Before you head to a hardware store or home center to tackle a repair or improvement, consider how much you'll save compared with hiring a contractor. Here's the dollars and cents for 16 popular home and garden upgrades.
  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Doing It Yourself

    Tackling a home project can be risky business that depends on the complexity of the job and your approach and experience.
  • Choosing Kitchen Countertop Material

    Looking at Countertop Material from the Scientific Perspective: What makes up Granite, Engineered Quartz, Laminate, Wood, Marble, Stainless Steel, Glass, Concrete, Soapstone,Travertine, Ceramic and Porcelain countertops?
  • DIY This NOT That

    A Dollars and Cents Look at 10 Home Improvement Jobs to Help You Make a Smart Decision Whether to Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor.
  • When It's Your Time, Or Your Money

    Remodeling: When It's Your Time Or Your Money - A look back - 28 years ago - at popular home improvement projects then and now with cost comparisons.
  • Messy Kitchen Survey

    If you have a messy kitchen you're not alone. Read the results of a survey which might surpise you.

  • 27 Home Exterior Upgrades to Enjoy

    The best time to complete many home improvement jobs depends on weather conditions. Here's what you need to know about 27 exterior upgrades like replacing doors and windows, painting siding, and building a fence and deck, all best done in the warm days of summer.
  • Upgrading an HVAC System

    Need to replace the heating and cooling system in your house? Before it completely breaks down here's advice and suggestions to consider before making the investment.
  • Door Thresholds That Bridge a Room Transition

    Door thresholds are as varied as the rooms and spaces they separate with the common goal to make the transition as transparent and comfortable possible.
  • Update a Bathroom for Lifelong Living

    To integrate age-friendly changes in a bathroom so you'll add improvements that will last a lifetime for everyone to enjoy, consider these suggestions to make it convenient and safe.
  • Considering a Metal Roof

    If a new roof is in your home's future, don't wait too long. Here's need-to-know information about considering one made of metal from the Metal Roofing Alliance.
  • Choices in Attic Flooring

    Make the most of unused space in an unfinished attic with the addition of floor decking. Flooring panels and decking materials that are easy to install make it doable for a homeowner to finish an open attic so that it's a usable and safe storage area.
  • Old and Young Homeowners Drive Remodeling

    Homeowners of all ages - Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials - contribute to the growth in remodeling and home improvements in the coming years.
  • Change of Season Home Upgrades

    At this time of year Analytics tells us site visitors want to know about sealing a driveway, installing a dog fence, building a wood shed and railings, chimneys and attic ventilation.
  • Seeing the Positive Side of a Renovation

    Thinking about buying a handyman special and transforming it into a dream home? Here's an honest take on rehabbing not like the 30 minute makeovers on TV.
  • Prioritizing Improvements With a Plan

    Thinking about buying a handyman special and transforming it into a dream home? Here's an honest take on rehabbing unlike the 30 minute makeovers you see on TV shows.
  • Coping Strategies for Daily Life in a Fixer Upper

    A handyman special house can be risky business or a solution to finding a house you can afford. But be advised it's not for everyone. Living in a fixer-upper can be daunting, and downright unpleasant. Here's our best advice.
  • Living in a Fixer Upper: What's It Like?

    The high drama and speedy transformation seen on the 30 minute makeover shows on TV are nothing like our experience of rehabbing a worn and weary house. Here's how to cope with living in a fixer-upper.
  • Primer for a Bathroom Makeover

    If you're in the planning phase of a bathroom remodel - large or small - there's a lot of details to consider. Take a look at this checklist of all the features and elements of a bathroom makeover so you get the best results possible.
  • Attic Worksheet Inspection

    If you're considering transforming unused attic space to usable storage or living space, use this worksheet as a checklist to keep track of the features in the attic.
  • Attic Remodeling - Things to Consider

    Use the found space in an unfinished attic and convert it to bonus space - for storage or for living space. Here's what to consider when you're finishing an attic.
  • Romance in Remodeling

    Valentine's Day isn't the only time to be romantic. You can experience a romance in the strangest places in the most uncomfortable conditions when partners work together.
  • Valentine's Day Projects - Do It Together

    Here are Valentine projects for homeowners in love because two are better than one when it comes to installing them. These are easy to complete in a day and inexpensive upgrades to enjoy in your home for years to come.
  • Age Friendly Room Checklist

    Take a walk around your home and survey the rooms with this checklist of 56 age-friendly features. You may be surprised that there are simple changes you can make to make it more comfortable for everyone who lives there.
  • Digital Gadgets and Gizmos

    Monitor your pet, your laundry and your property with new devices and apps that give you control no matter where you are and keep your home clean and all its systems working at peak performance.
  • Easy Living with Technology

    Find the cost of devices that improve your home and think for you. These high tech products make living in your home more comfortable and efficient and offer a nice payback in convenience.
  • Hi Tech Devices Secure a Home

    Consider installing these devices in your home to create a more convenient and safey-conscious lifestyle. Use the cost box to know the cost and plan your budget.
  • Basics of a Basement Remodel

    Here's a list of the work sequence and basic stages involved in a basement remodeling job. Use it to help you plan your basement makeover.
  • Basement Worksheet

    Remaking your basement to expand your living space? Use this Basement Worksheet of items and details to plan a basement remodeling project.
  • Evaluating a Basement's Potential

    If you're considering remodeling a basement take a look at this checklist to help you determine how you can use the space to the benefit of your family life.
  • Easy Plumbing Repairs

    Learn how to make basic plumbing repairs and save money while building valueable homeowner life skills. You'll be glad to know how to repair a toilet, unclog a drain and replace a sump pump, shower head and washer hoses.
  • Easy Energy Saving Jobs

    Make the most of doing it yourself jobs around the house with preventive maintenance projects and upgrades and repairs that enhance your home's value and save energy dollars in the future.
  • Stay-at-Home Reality Check

    Being stuck at home during the lock-down forced many of us to examine the stuff we've accumulated and get rid of what we don't use or want any longer.
  • Tune Up a Central AC Unit

    Extend the life of a central AC unit with these basic maintenance chores and preventive measures to keep the system working most efficiently.
  • Replacing Windows

    When it comes to swapping an old window for a new one there's a lot to know about style, materials and what's involved. Here's an overview of choosing replacement windows.
  • Replacing Faucets

    There's a lot to think about choosing a new faucet. Here's an overview of the many facets of faucets to consider when replacing one.
  • Replacing Countertops

    Ceramic tile, butcher block, solid surface, natural stone, granite and laminates - here's an overview of the choices you have to consider when choosing a new countertop material.
  • Replacing Siding with Vinyl

    Transform the exterior of a house with vinyl siding for a maintenance free surface for years to come. Consider the choice of styles and colors and what's involved.
  • Refinishing Wood Floors

    Transform a room with dirty, dark and stained hardwood floors by refinishing them with a fresh new finish. Here's what's to consider with this messy but amazing transformation.
  • Flooring Choices

    Decisions, decisions - that's what you're faced with remodeling or redecorating a kitchen and bathroom and deciding on what type of flooring to use. A material calculator helps you know how much flooring to buy.
  • Adding a Roof Light

    Should it be a roof light or a tubular skylight to open up your roof and bring daylight and sunshine inside? Here are things to consider before cutting a hole in your roof.
  • Adding a Vent/Light

    Prevent mildew and moisture from developing in bathrooms with a vent-light combination. Here's need-to-know information and what's involved installing one.
  • Easy DIYs for Housebound Homeowners

    Sequestered at home with time to spare? Here are 5 easy home repairs to make that a first-time do-it-yourselfer can accomplish.
  • 10 Easy Home Upgrades

    Ten inexpensive ways to add value to your house and enjoy the improvements you make. Learn about home maintenance chores, landscaping projects, and easy home upgrades.
  • Make Your Home Timeless

    Simple changes to a home can create a more comfortable and convenient place where everyone in the family - no matter how young or how old - can live.
  • End Closet Clutter

    Take advantage of the array of shelving systems at home centers and get your closet organized. Empty, assess, and reorganize your closet with easy-to-install shelves.