Outside Your House

Just step outside, smell the roses and enjoy living in the great outdoors of your property. Find simple solutions to upgrade and improve your property and expand its livability.

  • Plant a Victory Garden

    Planting a victory garden in your backyard can lead to creating a lasting supply of good food for everyone in the family.
  • Pro Advice about Staining Outdoor Wood

    To give a facelift to a wood deck and outdoor furniture, follow this advice about how to stain your deck for a protective and long lasting finish.
  • Wise Winter Weather Tips for Your Family Yard

    5 simple suggestions to prepare your home and property, family and pets to survive cold weather conditions.
  • Think Spring and Be a Gardening Optimist

    Make your summer landscape plans and plantings a success with a gameplan that begins in the Spring.
  • 4 Family Yard Projects for Fall

    Falling leaves on the lawn and garden lead to a change in season. This fall enjoy doing these easy yard fix ups with the family will nurture your lawn and get your property ready for colder weather.
  • Winter Landscaping Tips

    Before cold weather sets in, take advice from the pros at STIHL, Inc. makers of outdoor power tools, about how to prepare your plants and shrubbery for the winter months.
  • Landscape Advisor

    Get your yard and property ready for the growing season with this advice from the pros and compare the cost of landscaping work whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor.
  • Safety Using Outdoor Power Equipment

    The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute helps homeowners operate their lawn and garden equipment safely with advice and suggestions to keep everyone in the know about using lawn and garden gear.
  • 4 Easy Yard Fix Ups

    Here are four very easy, very basic repairs and improvements to your property that will make you smile all year long. These are maintenance chores any homeowner can and should do to keep their property looking its best.
  • Grass Growing Advice from the Pros

    Here’s advice for a better looking, healthy and natural lawn from the experts at Grass Seed USA. No expensive materials required. Follow these three simple steps using household items you have on hand.
  • Exterior Repairs - Do It and Save

    Save a bundle making these basic exterior home maintenance and repair chores compared with hiring out the job. Power wash siding, repair windows and siding and more.
  • Spring House and Yard Tune Up

    Follow this checklist of basic chores and tasks to spruce up your home, lawn and garden. It's as simple as taking a walk around your house and property looking for signs of damage that you can correct with basic maintenance.
  • Get Rid of Mosquitoes with Drainage Solutions

    8 No/low-cost Ways to Mosquito-proof Your Backyard from Dr. Drainage and the Home Drainage Center
  • Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    Don't be overwhelmed with the variety of outdoor lighting fixtures. Consider the features and your lighting needs when choosing fixtures to extend living outdoors.
  • Extend the Life of a Wooden Fence

    A wooden fence enhances property while providing security but it requires basic maintenance and cleaning tasks to withstand the elements and looking good.
  • Adding an Irrigation System

    Considering an irrigation system for your lawn? Check out this overview of what to consider.
  • Go Forth and Garden

    Whether you use a pitch fork or a trowel, digging in dirt puts homebound homeowners where they want to be despite the coronavirus.
  • Revive Rusty Lawn Furniture

    Give a new lease on life to rusty metal lawn furniture and equipment. It's a recycle and renew job to keep them in tiptop shape with a spray paint makeover.
  • Spring Tune-up for Outdoor Gear

    Keep your lawn mower, power lawn equipment, gardening tools and gas grills well maintained and ready to use with a few easy tune up tricks.
  • Spruce Up Your Deck or Patio

    Make the most of your deck or patio with the addition of decorating touches that make it feel like a comfortable room with the advantage of being outdoors.
  • Light Up Your Front Door

    Give your home curb appeal and welcome visitors with lighting. Enhance the entry of your home and create safe passage with outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • Path Lighting

    Light the way for safe-footing with path lighting and cast a decorative glow on garden beds and walkways with easy-to-install low-voltage lighting components.