Home Manager

Owning a home involves making decisions about improvements and keeping track of what's happening. If you're a time-starved homeowner who spends longer hours at work and less time at home and play, here's information to keep you going.

  • DIY Experts Share Their Favorite Winter Projects

    We participated in a Redfin article about favorite winter home improvement projects. Here's what several of us DIY sites have to say
  • Michaels Guide to a Guilded Tree

    Decorating your tree? The information in this guide details how many ornaments, garlands and lights to decorate a 4 foot to 12 foot Christmas tree. Take a look.
  • Getting Rid of Stuff

    Feel good and begin a decluttering campaign by tackling one closet or one room at a time with a monthly routine of purging.
  • How to Prepare for Extreme Weather

    Here's advice from Home Advisor expert Dan DiClerico about how to prepare and protect your home and property for severe weather with a Five-Step Storm Guide.
  • Top 10 Tips

    Here's some clever advice and solutions from the folks who visit DIYORNOT - the most read Top 10 Tips on the site that include everything from #1, a DIY gutter scoop to #10, getting rid of weeds between bricks. Take a look!
  • How Contractors Make It Look Easy

    When it comes to remodeling, repairing and making home improvements, it's not WHO you know, it's WHAT you know that counts.
  • Home Fire Safety Advice

    To make your home safe all year long follow these five tips from the experts at Erie Insurance, professionals who deal with home safety claims and know how to prevent a dangerous home fire.
  • U.S. Homeowners Admit They're Unprepared

    Are you prepared for a power outage and weather disaster at your house? Most homeowners are not ready to survive days without power and water. Here are recent survey results and what to do about it.
  • The 2-Minute Test at Your DIY Big Box

    Two-minute test: Do you expect your home improvement retailer to engage with you within two minutes? Here's results of a Customer Satisfaction survey shows.
  • Anchor Furniture and Prevent Toddler Accidents

    Did you know that 91% of furniture tip-over fatalities occur in the home? Here's advice about how to prevent an accident in your home from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • 3 Smart Devices to Improve Your Home

    Consumer Reports likes these upgrades to make your home smarter - a smart thermostat, a video doorbell, and a keyless lock. We did the cost data and compare how much it costs to install them yourself compared with hiring a contractor.
  • Basic Homeowner Tools

    Even the most unhandy homeowner should have some basic tools to make a quick repair and accomplish a task. Take a look at this list, access your tools and start adding to your collection of tools when you can.
  • Forecast: Winter Storm on the Way

    When the forecast is for snow and lots of it, get your home ready with these strategies to safely survive the worst winter weather at home.
  • EPA Predicts Widespread Adoption of LED Technology

    A new study by the ENERGY STAR program at the EPA says by the year 2020 LED lighting techology will be in all of our homes and saving us money.
  • Emergency Home Supply Kit

    No one likes to think about a natural disaster but it's better to be prepared than overwhelmed if a major event causes havoc in your home. FEMA has suggestions to prepare, plan and stay informed so you're ready if disaster happens.
  • A Visit to the Home Depot

    The inside story of Home Depot - known for the iconic orange aprons worn by its sales associates - is about more than a visit to a home center.
  • Good Books

    Online booksellers continue to expand their home and garden categories and book store shelves are full as more homeowners look for information and inspiration. Here is a list of good books to consider.
  • Home Flipping Returns Drop

    U.S, Home Flipping Returns Drop in 2018 with the Highest Share of Completed Flips Occuring in Metro Areas: Detroit, Birrmingham, Jacksonville, Miami and Buffalo with Cash Buyers.
  • Growth in Remodeling Continues

    Trending now - growth in remodeling expected to continue into the future, says the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity from Harvard's Joint Center of Housing Studies
  • 3 Easy Ways to Conserve Home Energy

    It's always a good time to think about lowering the cost of home heating and energy. Here are 3 upgrades to improve the comfort in your home by installing a window insulation kit, a furnace humidifier and LED light bulbs.
  • No Power, No Problem If You're Prepared

    Make a list and check it twice to make sure you have emergency supplies for a weather-related event that cuts off power to your home. No matter what the emergency is, you'll be glad you are prepared to handle the challenge.
  • Fall Exterior Home Fix Ups To Do

    Use these simple routines and repairs to make the exterior of your home safe and free from damage from the conditions Mother Nature can throw at you in the fall and winter months.
  • Job Costs for Chimneys, Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

    See what a contractor charges to install a fireplace, mantel, glass door or wood stove and compare it with doing it yourself. And learn about chimney caps and cleaning and tuckpointing a chimney to make it work at peak performance.
  • The Connected Home

    You can water your garden from the office, lower your home thermostat from your car, and your window shades can talk to light fixtures - welcome to the connected home.
  • Prevent Thunderstorm Damage to Your Home

    A thunderstorm can be like a car wreck to your home and property. Take advice from insurance professionals about making your home safe and secure during a major storm of wind and rain.
  • Genworth Aging Experience

    Everyone in the family - no matter how young or old - should watch this video about the physical - vision, hearing and muscle loss - effects of aging.
  • Easy Ways to Save Water Outdoors

    The pros at Rain Bird suggest five easy tips that will help you conserve water in your yard and garden and know when and how to water and nurture your landscape materials.
  • Gifts for a DIY Mom

    Looking for a Mother's Day gift for your DIY Mom? One she'll use and enjoy? Here's ideas for useful and practical items. Mom will think of you every time she uses them.
  • Gifts for a DIY Dad

    Looking for a special gift for Father's Day? If your dad, stepdad or granddad is a DIYer, take a look at these special tools and items for a handy guy who likes doing chores and building things around the home and garden.
  • Spring Maintenance Chores and DIY Costs

    Get ready for warmer weather and tackle these chores for inside your home and outdoors in your yard and garden.
  • Home Tech

    Install new devices to make your home work smarter and better to create comfortable, convenient and energy efficient living. It's just the beginning of The Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Avoid Insurance Claims for Winter Damage

    Protect your home against the three most costly insurance claims: frozen pipes, hail damage and tree collapses.
  • Safe Trick-or-treating on Halloween

    Make Halloween a happy affair and fun for everyone with a home entrance that's well lighted to assure safe footing. Use these trick-or-treating ideas from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Life Expectancy of Major Home Appliances

    Wonder how long you can expect your new clothes washer and dryer to last? Use this chart to know what kind of longevity to expect from your major home appliances.
  • Spring Into Cleaning

    Give your home a facelift for the Spring with this checklist of organizing and cleaning suggestions to create a home that's easy to live in all season long.
  • Infographic: Big Savings for DIY Home Improvements

    Put these 5 home maintenance and decorating projects on your DO IT YOURSELF list and enjoy a huge savings for your time and effort.
  • Preventing Ice Dams

    If you live in a climate with very cold temperatures, take these steps before winter arrives to prevent ice dams from developing on your roof.
  • Checklist for a Remodeling Contract

    Use this checklist as a guide before signing a contract for remodeling work with a professional contractor. It details what information about the job that should be included and specified.
  • Calculators

    Choosing the color scheme and wallpaper pattern is the difficult part of decorating. Use these decorating cost calculators to learn how to estiimate how much paint and wallpaper you need once you've made your decisions.
  • CDC Guidelines for Celebrating Halloween

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has new guidelines for celebrating Halloween so everyone is safe from the COVID-19 virus.
  • Costs for Interior and Exterior Upgrades

    Find the cost of interior and exterior improvements for your home and compare how much it costs to do it yourself with how much it costs to hire a contractor.
  • How to Choose the Right Furnace

    How to choose between an electric, natural gas, propane and oil furnace to create a warm and comfortable home.
  • Simple, Low Cost Ways to Cut Heating Costs

    Save money and save energy heating your home in the winter by making these minor adjustments to the way you live. The payoff is lower heating bills.
  • Ladder Safety

    No matter what the task working on a ladder can be dangerous. Be careful and be cautious before you climb up a ladder and use this helpful advice when you're working on one.
  • FLOODING in the Forecast

    Here's sound advice for homeowners who live in a flood prone area from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and FEMA.
  • Forecast: HURRICANE Coming

    Follow this advice from the NOAA Hurricane Center about how to prepare your home and your family for a hurricane.
  • Saving Water Saves Energy

    Consider implenting some of these nine easy water-wise tips to conserve water at home. It's good for the environment and good for your budget because you'll save money.
  • Simple Changes to Stay Cool

    Save money, conserve electricity and reduce home cooling costs with 12 energy saving tips and ideas for your home. Use these suggestions around your home to keep it cool and comfortable.
  • Hiring a Painting Contractor

    Devise a gameplan for painting inside and outside your house and learn how to recognize a good paint job. Figure on spending more time planning the project than actually applying the paint.
  • Making a Home Inventory

    Keep track of your possessions with a home inventory so you know what you have and where it's located. Don't be overwhelmed at the task, take it slow and steady and bite off one area at a time.
  • Finding a Good Contractor

    Here's what we've learned and strategies we follow to locate and hire a professional contractor for a home improvement project. Take the time to investigate and you'll be happy with the results.
  • DIY or Don't DIY

    Just because you can do it yourself, doesn't mean you should. These are repair and improvement projects we suggest to do yourself and those you shouldn't.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Here's a primer on the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home and detectors and alarms to warn you of any problem in your house.
  • Fall Home Fix Ups

    Get your house ready for cooler weather with these maintenance chores and improvements to conserve energy. Learn how much it costs to do it yourself compared with hiring out the work.
  • Lower Home Heating Costs

    Conserve energy by weatherproofing your house against the cold with these 8 improvements. Use the links to learn the cost of these project upgrades that save money and lower your heating bill.
  • Staying Cool Strategies

    Stay cool without blowing your energy budget in warm summer weather with these easy to implement changes in the way you live at home. It just involves being more aware of how heat is generated around the house and taking steps to prevent it.