Monthly Maintenance

Take a quick look to see what should be on your “To Do” for each month. Use these handy checklists to keep your home and everything in it working and running smoothly.

  • January Home Maintenance

    Follow these 10 ways to inspect your heating system and appliances so they work at peak performance and make a new year's resolution to get organized and declutter.
  • February Home Maintenance

    Here are 9 ways to keep your home clean and comfortable. If you're in a cold weather climate take a quick walk around the house and make the necessary inspections for damage. If you're in a sunny spot go outside and enjoy the weather.
  • March Home Maintenance

    Use this checklist of 9 ways to maintain your home and its systems and keep them working efficiently. This includes some cleaning suggestions and getting ready for warmer weather in the Spring.
  • April Home Maintenance

    Spring is here or just around the corner so these 12 cleaning routines, inspections and tune ups deal with looking for damage and getting ready to spend more time outdoors.
  • May Home Maintenance

    Tune up, clean, wash - lots of work that requires time but little talent and tools. Check off the 17 ways to maintain your home and keep it working.
  • June Home Maintenance

    Think of it as a bullet journal for June for your house. Here are 10 routine inspections and clean up suggestions so your house remains a comfortable place to live and energy-conscious.
  • July Home Maintenance

    After the fireworks take time to read this 11-point checklist of routine imspections and learn what to do to maintain the systems of your house this month.
  • August Home Maintenance

    Take a look at this rundown of 11 items and you'll see it's mostly about inspecting and cleaning, not difficult, but important things to keep your house orderly and its systems working.
  • September Home Maintenance

    Kids may be back in school but homeowners get no recess from maintaining their property. Review this list of 10 chores - basic inspections and routines - but no homework is required.
  • October Home Maintenance

    Follow these 13 clean up routines inside and outside your home to prepare for a change in the weather. That way you can enjoy trick 'n treat candy with a clear conscious on Halloween.
  • November Home Maintenance

    The items for this month combine 7 basic cleaning jobs and inspections with specific suggestions for cold weather climates. Wherever you live, enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving knowing your home is in better shape than your turkey.
  • December Home Maintenance

    This month's list is short but the 7 jobs include important cleaning and basic tune ups for the end of the year. You have plenty to do getting ready for the holidays. Enjoy them knowing your home is in good working order.