Real Estate

The process of buying or selling a house can be intimidating and time consuming. Here's advice with a timeline of what to expect and ideas and information to get you through the ins and outs of moving from one house to another.

  • Real Estate

    Anyone who has bought or sold a house will tell you it is not a trivial pursuit. What can begin as an adventure can be frustrating and require a lot of time and effort. To prepare for the experience, here's our best advice.
  • Moving - A Major Life Event

    Planning a move? It takes time, organization skills, it's costly and often not fun. Here's our best advice about strategies to make the event as pleasant as possible.
  • Timeline for Buying a House

    Buying a house involves a lot of moving parts and can take considerable time. Here's an overview of a timeline of what to expect and useful online resources for help.
  • Living in a Fixer Upper

    Working on a fixer-upper while living in it requires some unique skills and personality traits. Here's what we learned after living in and rehabbing 8 houses - while maintaining our sanity and marriage.
  • Best Time to Buy a House

    Putting your house on the market? Buying a house? Here's advice from RealtyTrac about the best time to buy a house and the answer may surprise you.
  • Staging to Sell Your Home

    How to make your house look like a model home using tricks and tips from professional designers who specialize in staging a house to sell it.
  • Planning a Yard Sale

    Get paid to get rid of your excess stuff with a yard sale. Learn how to manage the sale and make money from your unwanted stuff.