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Here's where to find hints and tips from handy homeowners and contractors about DIY home remodeling, repairs and improvements. They share their experience and advice about everything from decorating and landscaping ideas to electrical and plumbing projects and repairs.

  • Find hands-on carpentry advice from handy homeowners and contractors about building, construction and woodworking projects to help you complete a job with professional looking results.
  • Get hands-on advice from handy homeowners and contractors about installing and repairing ceilings and floors. Whether it's a quick-fix or a major improvement project you'll learn how to do it better.
  • Learn clever solutions from DIY homeowners and contractors about installing all kinds of doors and door hardware. Learn their tricks to make repairing or hanging any door in your house.
  • Get hands-on electrical advice from electricians and handy homeowners so safety comes first whether you're fishing wires through a wall, adding a light switch or working at your circuit panel.
  • From the roof of your house to the drainage system below find tried-and-true advice from contractors and handy homeowners to keep the exterior of your house in tip top shape and good working order.
  • Heating and cooling contractors and clever homeowners suggest easy ways to keep the systems of your house constant and working to guarantee a comfortable home from day to night.
  • Learn easy shortcuts for ordinary household repairs and maintenance chores from handy homeowners and contractors so you'll save time, money and energy taking care of your home.
  • Handy homeowners and professional contractors share their decorating and remodeling ideas, shortcuts and solutions. Find easy ways to make all your home improvements worth doing and worthwhile.
  • If you like to dig in the dirt you'll find ideas from other gardeners and professional landscapers who share what they've learned about creating beautiful lawns and garden beds.
  • Get hands-on advice from landscapers and handy homeowners for fence building and other outdoor projects, whether you live on a small city lot or on expansive country acreage.

  • You'll find good ideas and advice from painting professionals and refinishing experts about all things involving a brush whether it's painting a room or a whole house or finishing a workbench or wainscoting.
  • Learn the best practices and good ideas of plumbers and handy homeowners tackling plumbing projects whether it's a small repair or replacement, a sump pump solution or a major plumbing job.
  • The walls are the largest surface in a room so make the most of fixing and installing them with advice from handy homeowners, drywall contractors and paper hangers all with answers to doing it right.
  • Windows open a house to the outdoors and stairs connect the levels within. Learn tricks of installing, replacing and repairing them from specialty contractors and handy homeowners who know the secrets of success.