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Our library is full of useful information for owning and managing a home. Here you'll find advice, ideas and more to decorate, maintain and enjoy living in your home.

  • All it takes is a little thought and some creative touches to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary one. Learn the decorating secrets we gleaned from design professionals that can make a Cinderella story out of your home.
  • Enhancements make a home more comfortable and convenient to live in and at the same time increase its value. Consider these improvements that you can enjoy now and for years to come and you'll reap the rewards both short and long term.
  • Just step outside, smell the roses and enjoy living in the great outdoors of your property. Find simple solutions to upgrade and improve your property and expand its livability.
  • Owning a home involves making decisions about improvements and keeping track of what's happening. If you're a time-starved homeowner who spends longer hours at work and less time at home and play, here's information to keep you going.
  • Take a quick look to see what should be on your “To Do” for each month. Use these handy checklists to keep your home and everything in it working and running smoothly.
  • 64 million Americans live in multigenerational households reports the Pew Research Center. How do you remodel your home or build a new one for three generations to live under one roof?
  • The process of buying or selling a house can be intimidating and time consuming. Here's advice with a timeline of what to expect and ideas and information to get you through the ins and outs of moving from one house to another.