Easy Woodworking Plans Categories

These simple woodworking projects are ideal for kids to build with supervision from a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend or scout leader, anyone who enjoys working with kids. They are designed for people with little or no experience. You don't need a fancy workshop and expensive tools. The projects can be built with hand tools and the materials are easy-to-find dimensional lumber sold at home centers.

Have fun and enjoy your time together!

  • We know kids like having their own things so here are projects just for kids to enjoy building and using. These easy-to-build projects have woodworking plans with instrctions for kids and adults.
  • Use these woodworking plans with easy instructions to make a wonderful gift for that someone special who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. Enjoy building and using it.
  • Use these woodworking plans to build easy-to-make projects that are useful and decorative in a bedroom. They're all fun to build and have in a bedroom.
  • Here's easy to build woodworking plans for some great ideas for anyone's house. Make a handy footstool or a comfy pet nest. Enjoy these projects throughout the house.
  • Friends of Mother Nature will find plenty of uses for these easy-to-build projects designed for being outdoors. Use these woodworking plans with instructions designed for kids and adults to build.
  • Get some helpful advice and tips about woodworking to get the most out of building a project together.