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  • Step 3 : Cut out a rough opening

    Cut out a rough opening

    Use a keyhole or drywall saw to cut the rough opening following the cutout line. This is a rough cut, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

  • Step 4 : Secure the opening

    Cut off short pieces of 2x4 to make cleats inside the opening. Set the cleats flush with the bottom edge of the opening and fasten them with 1 1/2-in. drywall screws. These cleats provide a surface to fasten the unit into the opening.

  • Step 5 : Wiring the receptacle to the unit

    Wiring the receptacle to the unit

    Turn off the electricity to the room where you're working and remove the cover plate of the electrical outlet. Unscrew the outlet and pull it out of its box without disconnecting wires. Remove the knockout plug from the top of the outlet box with a screwdriver. Use an electrician's fish tape to hook one end to pull Romex cable from the access hole in the stud down into the outlet box. Place the bottom of the cabinet into the opening and tilt it forward to feed the cable down into the electrical box inside the cabinet. Then push it flush with the wall.

  • Step 6 : Secure the unit

    Use 1 1/2-in. drywall screws to fasten the unit into the wall studs. First, bore pilot holes in the sides of the cabinet and then drive the longer screws into the studs to secure it.

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