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  • Step 2 : Install the 1x lumber

    Install the 1x lumber

    Use strips of buildup 1x lumber on the bottom of the laminate to assure the back edge and the ends are the same thickness as the front.

  • Step 3 : Finish the ends with caps

    Finish the ends with caps

    Use a household iron set at medium heat to apply the laminate end caps on the exposed ends.

  • Step 4 : Scribe the backsplash

    Scribe the backsplash

    Position the counter against the wall so it overhangs the front edge of the cabinets an equal dimension all around its length. Set a scriber/compass to the widest gap between the backsplash and the wall. With the metal point against the wall and the pencil on the top, move the pencil along the wall to mark a parallel line on the top. Then use a belt sander or block plane to remove the scribed edge up to your line. Apply a bead of sealant on the backsplash and push the counter against the wall.

  • Step 5 : Make cutouts for sink or appliances

    Make cutouts for sink or appliances

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions for locating and making the cutout for a sink or appliance. Use the recommended spacing requirements to assure it fits properly. In the illustration the outside perimeter of a sink is being traced and the actual cutout will be 3/8-inches inside the line. Bore a starter hole for the blade of a jigsaw that's well inside the line. Remove the cutout piece and round the corners with a router.

  • Step 6 : Install the top

    Attach the top from below with the bolts and screws installed through the cabinet corner braces.

  • Step 7 : Reinstall fixtures

    Reinstall fixtures

    Before installing fixtures in the top, preinstall the faucet on the sink because it's easier to work on the connections before it goes in place. If a cooktop is being installed, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

    Illustrations courtesy of Formica Corp.

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