How to Build a Metal Yard Shed

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Tools Required
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Carpenter's level
Materials Required
  • Metal shed
  • Work gloves

Before You Begin

Check with your local municipality to find out if you need to get a building permit before building an outbuilding on your property.

The 8-ft. x 6-ft. metal Ezee Shed® described here is designed for easy assembly using pre-cut metal parts with slide and snap fasteners and connectors, rounded snap-in corner panels and pre-hinged swing-open factory assembled doors. Figure the assembly will take a few hours from start to finish.

There are two different options for a floor, either plywood anchored into the earth or a cement slab. If you choose a plywood platform it should be constructed of at least 2x4 pressure treated wood and topped with 5/8-inch exterior plywood. You'll also need the floor frame kit with snap-in connectors plus the earth anchor kit that includes four heavy steel augers that screw into the ground for use with non-concrete bases.

Don't want to do this job yourself? To find a landscape contractor who has the skills and tools to do it right, click Home Advisor, a free referral services that matches homeowners with local prescreened contractors.

  • Step 1 : Unpack the components of the shed

    Unpack the shed components and arrange them on the ground so they're grouped together following the Assembly Manual from the manufacturer.

  • Step 2 : Assemble the floor frame

    Slide the floor frame sections onto the molder plastic corners.

  • Step 3 : Assemble the framing sections

    Assemble the framing sections

    Assemble the wall frame sections, doorjamb supports and ridge roof beam. Don't install any screws at this time. After the wall framing and roof are together everything can be squared up and then secured with screws.

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