How to Install Stone Patio Pavers - Page 2

  • Step 2 : Rent a plate compactor to solidify the gravel

    Spread gravel around the area so it is level and then use a plate compactor and make several passes.

  • Step 3 : Add the sand

    Add the sand

    Spread sand over the compacted gravel and level it with the screed board. Then use the plate compactor on the sand to level the entire surface.

  • Step 4 : Position the pavers

    Position the pavers

    Beginning in a corner, put the first stone in place and check it for levelness. Align it with layout lines established for proper alignment and make any adjustments to the sand beneath it. Use a circular saw to cut the pavers to fit.

  • Step 5 : Add pavers

    As you add pavers continue to make adjustments for alignment and leveleness and check to make sure they fall off about 1 inch every 8 feet for drainage. Adjust the spacing between the stones so the joints are aligned. Use a pry bar if you have to nudge them into position.

  • Step 6 : Fill joints with sand

    Use a push broom to spread sand between the pavers. Gently hose the sand into the joints with a garden hose.

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