How to Replace a Garbage Disposer - Page 2

  • Step 6 : Disassemble the new disposer hardware

    Most new disposers are shipped assembled. Follow the manufacturer's directions to disassemble the mounting hardware. It comes apart in the same way as the old disposer. Use a screwdriver to pry the snap ring off the mounting ring so you can separate the mounting and backup rings.

  • Step 7 : Prepare the sink flange

    Prepare the sink flange

    Press a generous bead of plumber's putty onto the new sink flange. Press the flange into the sink drain hole. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the sequence of installation for mounting gaskets, plates and hardware.

  • Step 8 : Install the mounting ring

    Install the mounting ring of disposer

    Install the mounting ring by equally tightening the three mounting screws. Turn each screw a couple of turns, then tighten the next screw until the ring is secured.

  • Step 9 : Connect the drain assembly

    Install the drain assembly components on the side of the disposer's body. The discharge tube is held in place with a flange and a couple of screws. Insert the rubber washer into the disposer body, then push the discharge tube into the opening. Secure the tube by slipping the flange over it and tightening the mounting screws.

  • Step 10 : Make electrical connections

    Remove the electrical cover plate on the new disposer and make the electrical connections. Join the wires, white to white, black to black or some other color, such as red if the disposer is on a switch leg, and connect the ground wire to the ground screw on the disposer.

  • Step 11 : Mount the disposer

    Mount the disposer

    Hold the disposer with one hand to support it from below, and insert a screwdriver (or the tool that comes with the disposer) into the lugs on the disposer's mounting assembly. Twist the mounting ring where the disposer hangs until the mounting tabs are fully engaged in the mounting ring and the disposer hangs by itself.

  • Step 12 : Install the plumbing

    Install the plumbing

    Connect the disposer to the drain system. Tighten the parts by hand before using a pair of tongue-and-groove pliers.

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