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  • Step 4 : Cut the first sheet to length

    Cut the first sheet to length

    Measure floor-to-ceiling height, subtract 1/4 inch and cut the first sheet to that length. Cut the bottom edge of the sheet, which will be concealed with trim.

  • Step 5 : Rip the first sheet to width

    Measure from the corner to the first plumb line 4 feet or less from the corner. Add 1 inch to this dimension and cut the first sheet to that width. Cut the edge that will go into the corner so one vertical edge will touch the corner and the other will fall over the plumb line.

    Apply a 1-inch wide band of wood stain or marker to color the wall the approximate color of the grooves in the paneling. Then, the small seasonal gaps between the sheets won't show the wall.

  • Step 6 : Scribe the sheet

    Scribe the sheet

    Place the sheet against the wall and shim the bottom until the vertical edge is perfectly plumb and the sheet touches the ceiling and the corner wall. If you do not plan to install ceiling molding, scribe the paneling to the ceiling. Set your scribe to the widest gap, scribe the top edge. Cut your line and reposition the piece to test the fit. To scribe to the corner, set the compass/scribe to the 1-inch that you allowed when ripping the sheet and scribe the edge to the corner wall.

    Always score crosscuts that will show to prevent the saw from splintering. Stain all cut edges to match the color of the paneling grooves by using a wood stain or a marking pen.

  • Step 7 : Adhere the first sheet to the wall

    Adhere the first sheet to the wall Put ribbons of adhesive on the wall at the sheet perimeter and along every stud. Position the paneling and shim under the bottom edge to hold it tight to the ceiling and press it into the adhesive. Then nail it to the wall across the top of the sheet at 8- to 10-inch intervals by using color-matched nails or 4d finishing nails. Then put the bottom of the sheet about I foot from the wall and put something on the floor to hold it away from the wall for a few minutes to let the adhesive become tacky before you press it back into place.

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