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  • Step 3 : Remove electrical outlets and switches and wood trim

    Remove electrical outlets and switches and wood trim

    When you are sure the power is off, remove outlets and switches. Use a pry bar and hammer to tear off wood trim that will not be reused. If you plan to reuse the trim, remove it carefully. One method is to drive the finished nails right through the face of the trim and out the back with a hammer and large nail set.

  • Step 4 : Swing into action

    Swing into action

    Wear a dust mask for protection and use a hand sledge to knock the plaster loose from the lath. Once you've knocked a large section of plaster loose, pry it off the lath with a steel garden rake. Hook the rake's teeth behind the lath and plaster and pull until they both come loose.

  • Step 5 : Removing lath

    Use a pry bar and a framing hammer to tear lath loose from the framing. Drive the edge of the bar between the lath and wall studs and pry the lath loose.

  • Step 6 : Tear off and take out

    Remove the debris as you work because it's dangerous to have it under foot. You can slip or fall or step on a nail. Carry it out of the room in a heavy trash container, wheelbarrow or drop it down a window shoot. Make frequent trips with the debris to the dumpster. Use a shovel and heavy-duty broom and sweep up as you go.

  • Step 7 : Push from the other side of wall

    Push from the other side of wall

    When you can see through the room and have a clear shot at the surface on the opposite side, use a sledgehammer as a battering ram to knock it off. The whole house will shake when you do this, but don't be shy, it's the only way to remove this stuff efficiently.

  • Step 8 : Knock out the studs at the bottom

    Use a framing hammer, or hand sledge to knock out the bottom of wall studs on the top plate. Hit the stud on the side until it breaks loose from the bottom plate, then grab it at the bottom and use its length to give you leverage as you push and pull it back and forth until it breaks free of the top plate. With the studs out, use a framing hammer's claw to pry loose the top and bottom plates.

  • Step 9 : Clear the area of debris

    Remove all the pieces of wall sections and framing lumber and deposit in the dumpster. Use a shop vacuum to give the room and surrounding areas a thorough cleaning.

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