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  • Step 4 : Make cutouts

    Make cutouts

    Make internal cuts for electrical outlets and similar openings with a keyhole or drywall saw. First, measure the vertical and horizontal location of the outlet and transfer it to the panel. Accuracy is important so double-check your work. After you mark the perimeter of the box on the panel, place the point of the saw on a line and hit the handle with the heel of your hand to drive it through. Then complete the cut with a sawing motion. Repeat for each side of the cutout.

    To guarantee accuracy, hold the panel in place and have a helper hit the panel with the heel of his or her hand at the outlet location. The indentation made on the backside will indicate where to cut. To make the mark more obvious, outline the perimeter of the outlet box with lipstick or colored chalk before positioning and hitting the panel.

  • Step 5 : Fasten to ceiling/roof framing

    Fasten to ceiling/roof framing

    Hold the panel against a wall, perpendicular to the framing. Press it tightly against the framing as you install screws. You will need two people and one or more deadman supports (a lumber "T" made with two-by-fours and braced at the joint with a plywood gusset or diagonal brace). Attach the panel to every framing member with drywall screws (coarse-threaded for wood framing, fine threaded for metal framing), every six inches on panel edges and every 12 inches elsewhere. Repeat for the remaining panels, butting long edge joints tightly and leaving an 1/8-inch gap at all butt joints. Stagger butt joints at least two framing members apart.

    Fasten to ceiling/roof framing

    After you install screws along the edges of the panel, use a chalk line or straightedge and pencil to mark the center of each framing member on the face of the panels to help you accurately place the remaining screws.

    Adjust the setting on a screwgun or the clutch on a drill/driver so that the screws are driven below the surface, stop short of penetrating the paper facing.

  • Step 6 : Hang wall panels

    Hang wall panels

    Hold the long edge of the first panel tightly against the ceiling, with one end in a corner or 1/8 inch away from the preceding panel. Secure it with screws. With the top course complete, install the lower course. To make each panel fit tightly against the upper course, insert a pry bar under the center point (using a fulcrum, if needed) and step on the other end to pry the panel up. The baseboard trim will cover the gap at the bottom.

    Before you begin the finishing process, run a taping knife over all the screw heads. Listen for a telltale metallic click, which indicates the fastener should be driven a little deeper below the surface of the wallboard.

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