How to Install Attic Stairs - Page 2

  • Step 2 : Cut the joist

    Cut the joist

    Use a circular or hand saw to cut the joist flush with the opening. Make it a square cut so the new headers will be straight.

  • Step 3 : Measure the opening

    Measure the cutout opening for the exact distance between the joists on either side of the cut joist. Take the measurement at the edge of the rough opening at both ends. The joists may not be exactly parallel and the distances may be different.

  • Step 4 : Cut and nail the headers

    Cut and nail the headers

    Follow the manufacturer's direction on whether new headers should be placed flush with the opening in the ceiling.

  • Step 5 : Install the trim joists

    Install the trim joist

    Measure, cut and install the trim joists on either side of the opening with metal joist hangers.

  • Step 6 : Cut a hole in the ceiling

    Cut a hole in the ceiling

    Wear a protective dust mask and safety goggles. Using the layout lines as a guide, cut out the ceiling material with a coping or saber saw and remove the material.

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