How to Rebuild a Window - Page 2

  • Step 4 : Measure and cut

    Measure the height of the window and cut the two channels to size. Follow the manufacturer's direction about the exact size to cut them. For an accurate cut use a bevel guage so the angle slopes in the right way.

  • Step 5 : Assemble the sashes in the channels

    Assemble the sashes in the channels

    Fit the new channels on to each side of the sash. Holding the unit securely insert it into the window frame. First insert the bottom and when the bottom butts against the outside stop, tilt the entire unit into the frame.

  • Step 6 : Test and secure the channels

    Test and secure the channel

    Move the sash up and down in the channels. If the sash is too tight ease the flange of the channels away from the sash. If they are too loose, press them toward the channels. When you're satisfied fasten the channels to the window with a nail or screw driven through the top of the jamb.

  • Step 7 : Add weatherstripping

    Apply self-adhesive window weathestrip material to the top, center and bottom of the window.

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