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  • Step 4 : Cut hole in ceiling

    Cut hole in ceiling Go back downstairs, and use the diffuser frame (or template, if one is provided by the manufacturer) to mark your cut-line on the ceiling. This circle should be centered beneath the locator hole you adjusted from the attic. If you use the frame, be sure to mark the interior circle, not the outer rim of the unit's ceiling molding, which will hide the edge of the cutout when you're finished. Mark interior circle Use your compass or drywall saw to cut inside your line, and remove the section of drywall (save this piece to use as a roof template).
  • Step 5 : Install the fixture

    Install the fixture Depending on which model you have purchased, install either the diffuser ceiling frame, or bottom tube assembly, into your ceiling hole. The rest of the light tunnel can be installed from the attic side after you have completed the roof dome cutout.
  • Step 6 : Install the flashing anchor

    Install the flashing anchor On the roof, find your locator hole and position the drywall circle cutout directly over it. Mark the roofing material with a builder's crayon, then use a razor knife or suitable tool to cut away the shingles within this circle. Use a jig saw to cut through the roof decking inside the circle. Carefully pry up the nails of shingles immediately above, and next to, the hole. Slide the roof dome's flashing collar into place over the opening, following the manufacturer's directions for caulking and nailing the collar to the roof
  • Step 7 : Connect sections

    Connect sections From inside the attic, connect the tube or tunnel to the ceiling collar section, and then extend it up to the roof opening. Cut it to fit, if necessary, and attach it to the roof dome collar. Different models have different fastening and sealing systems. Refer to the installation instructions provided with your unit. When you have connected the tube at the top and bottom, tape all joints and seams, and replace the insulation between the ceiling joists.
  • Step 8 : Adjust fixture in ceiling

    Downstairs again, place the diffuser lens into the ceiling trim ring, and snap or clip the ring to the ceiling frame. Illlustrations courtesy of Sun Tunnel Systems, Inc.

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