How to Install a Wood Window Cornice

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Tools Required
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Electric drill and bits
Materials Required
  • Window cornice
  • Mounting hardware
  • Wall anchors

Before You Begin

Install a wood window cornice

A cornice can be mounted on just about any surface. Depending on the placement of the cornice it may be possible to secure the mounting brackets directly to the wall stud (behind the wall) or to window trim. Use plastic wall anchors, Molly or toggle bolts or whatever anchoring system is suggested by the manufacturer.

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  • Step 1 : Assemble the cornice

    Assemble the cornice

    Carefully unpack the cornice and check that all parts are included. Turn the cornice over and use the screws supplied by the manufacturer to attach the mounting brackets to the top of the cornice.

  • Step 2 : Install the mounting screws

    Install the mounting screws

    Place the cornice in position and put a level on top of it to confirm it is level. Then mark the location of the mounting screws using the brackets as a template.

    Drill a pilot hole through the layout marks and insert a wall anchor into the pilot hole. Tap it gently into place with a hammer. Place a screw into the anchor and tighten it until its head protrudes about 1/8-inch.

  • Step 3 : Mount the cornice on the wall

    Mount the cornice on the wall

    Put the cornice in position and slide the mounting brackets over the screws protruding from the wall. Check that the cornice is level and then tighten the mounting screws so that the cornice rests snugly against the wall.

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