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  • Step 5 : Add the hinge jamb to the door

    Add the hinge jamb to the door panel Add the hinge jamb to the door panel

    Lay the door panel on the floor and insert the hinge jamb onto the hinge side frame of the door. To add the drip seal to the bottom of the door, slide the seal into the groove in the drip rail, and cut the seal to the same length as the drip rail.

  • Step 6 : Install the door panel and strike jamb

    Install the door panel and strike jamb Install the door panel and strike jamb

    Lift the door panel and position the attached hinge jamb to the wall jamb. Align the slots in the hinge jamb with the installed screws in the adjustment clamps and slide the hinge jamb into the wall jamb. Each manufacturer has an adjustment procedure, so follow those specific instructions. Basically, you push the door hinge into the wall jamb and tighten the locking screws in the wall jamb to secure the hinge in position. If adjustment are needed so the door opens easily, loosen the locking screws, move the door up or down, and retighten the screws, saving final adjustment until the door is fully assembled.

    Do the same procedure installing the strike jamb into the opposite wall jamb. To adjust, close the door and then position the strike jamb parallel to the edge of the door. Check that the door closes against the seal in the strike jamb.

  • Step 7 : Adjust the door panel and strike jamb

    Use the screws to install the handle and towel bar and then adjust the door panel and strike jamb toward opposite walls. Open and close the door panel and adjust it so the bottom of the panel doesn't hang on the bottom track. There should be 3/16-in. clearance at the top and bottom between the door panel strike side frame and the strike jamb. Tighten down the screws when it's working smoothly. On the inside of the door panel attach and adjust the catch so it closes firmly against the strike jamb.

  • Step 8 : Caulk and let it dry

    Put masking tape on the shower stall walls about 1/8-in. from the wall jambs on the inside and outside of the stall. Carefully apply a bead of silicone caulk around the outside of the jambs and where the bottom track meets the shower ledge. Caulk the joint between the wall jambs and shower surround from inside the shower stall. Wait about 15 minutes and then remove the masking tape.

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