How to Install a Security Storm Door

By Gene and Katie Hamilton

Tools Required
  • Tape measure
  • Electric drill and bits
  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Wood chisel
Materials Required
  • Security storm door
    with installation hardware
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil

Before You Begin

Measure the door jamb While shopping for a security storm door, take along the measurements of the door jamb. Measure the width of the opening, jamb to jamb. The door frame in some houses is mot completely square so take three measurements: across the top of the door jamb, the center and the bottom. Then use the smallest of these numbers to order the door.

Next, measure the height of the door from the head jamb to the threshold. The door opening will most likely measure 30-or 36-in. wide by 80-in. high.

If the opening is slightly larger than 30 or 36 inches you can shim the opening for a good fit. But if it's smaller than the standard dimensions by more than 1/4 in., you probably will have to order a custom door.

Measure the height of the door

Also, check that there is enough clearance between the existing door and face of the jamb. Most security doors require at least 1-in. clearance between the door stop and the front edge of the door jamb. You also need 1-in. clearance on the jamb face to mount the door frame. You may need to move the outside trim to increase the mounting area. Be sure to check these requirements before you order the door.

Unwrap the door and sort through the components and installation hardware to identify them. Then read the installation instructions carefully.

Sound too complicated and time consuming? Here's a link to Home Advisor, a free referral service that matches homeowners with local contractors.

  • Step 1 : Decide the door swing

    Before you install the door, decide how you want it to open (the hinges on the new door should be on the same side as those on the existing door) and temporarily place the door in the jamb. Place a piece of masking tape on the inside top corner of the door for reference. Remove the door and set it on edge with the hinge edge up. Use a rug or piece of cardboard under the door to prevent scratching the door edge on concrete or dirt. Position the hinge frame so that it is almost flush with the top of the door (put tape on the corner) and with the weatherstrip in contact with the inside of the door when closed. The long end of the frame should extend beyond the bottom of the door; it is cut to length later.

  • Step 2 : Align the hinge frame

    Align  the hinge frame Align the hinges with the predrilled holes in the door and attach them with the screws provided. Some doors require you to drill pilot holes for the hinge screws. If that's the case drill pilot holes for the hinge screws and install the self-tapping screws.

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