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  • Step 3 : Cut the hinge frame

    Cut the hinge frame

    Next, cut the hinge frame to fit the top-to-bottom door opening. Note that this measurement will probably be slightly longer than the door. Most doors have an adjustable door sweep at the bottom. Mark the height of the door frame on the hinge frame and cut it to length.

  • Step 4 : Install the door sweep

    Slip the vinyl door sweep into the slot in the bottom of the expander shoe, and push the shoe on the bottom of the door as far as it will go.

  • Step 5 : Assemble the door and hinge frame

    Put the door and hinge frame assembly in position and hold it there while you mark the location of the top predrilled hole on the jamb with a pencil. Drill a 1/8-in. pilot hole through the mark and then install a screw, but don't tighten it all the way.

  • Step 6 : Square the door

    Square the door

    Before you install the other screws, close the door and check its alignment. If there is a gap of more than 1/8-in. between the door edge and strike-side jambs, add shims between the hinge frame and the jamb to close the gap.

    When the door is square and opens and closes without binding, install another screw at the bottom of the hinge frame. Recheck the door alignment, then install the rest of the screws in the face of the hinge frame.

    Next, drill pilot holes, then install the stud screws on the inside of the hinge frame. Do not overtighten or the screws could damage the frame. The stud screws are an extra security measure; they fit into holes in the door edge to prevent the door from being opened even if the hinges fail.

  • Step 7 : Install the head frame

    Install the head frame

    Make sure there's a 1/8-in. gap between the head frame and the top of the door, then drill pilot holes and install the mounting screws.

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