How to Replace a Garage Door - Page 2

  • Step 3 : Fit panels into the track

    Fit panels into the track

    Place door sections in opening starting with the bottom section. Most manufacturers suggest that you hold the door section in place by driving a couple of nails into the jamb to hold the door upright as you assemble the hardware.

  • Step 4 : Install roller system

     Install roller system

    Insert rollers in the track and then fasten the roller brackets to the door panels with the hardware provided.

  • Step 5 : Install spring counterweight system

    Install spring counterweight system

    Attach springs and connect cables. Get help to raise the door to its full open position and clamp a Vise Grip pliers on the track to hold the door in place. Then carefully follow the manufacturer's procedures for installing and tensioning the spring counterweight system.

    WARNING: Be very careful handling the counterweight springs, which are under substantial tension, especially when the door is down.

    Illustrations courtesy of Clopay Building Products Company

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