How to Replace a Door Lockset - Page 2

  • Step 3 : Install the Handle Mechanism

    Install the Handle Mechanism Stand facing the edge of the door and insert the handles. Each side of the handle mechanism has to be aligned and fitted into the door according to the manufacturer's directions. The two halves must engage the latch assembly so that when you turn the knobs the latch bolt will move in and out.

    Install the Handle Mechanism

    Adjust the mounting screws so they are in alignment and then loosely tighten the screws. Test the movement of the latch. The handles should turn easily and the latch should move in and out without binding. If there is some binding, loosen the screws a bit and realign the handles. Then tighten the screws and install any trim hardware.

  • Step 4 : Install the Doorknob

    Install the Doorknob Insert the spindle into one of the doorknobs and tighten the setscrew. Some locksets have predrilled holes on one end of the spindle which allow you to adjust the spindle to fit either 1 3/8-in. or 1 3/4-in. thick doors.

    Install the Doorknob Slide the spindle into the latch and then place the other doorknob on the spindle and tighten the setscrews. Test the latch by turning the doorknob; the latch bolt should move easily without binding. If it doesn't, loosen the bolts holding the latch mechanism in place and realign the mechanism.

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