How to Install a Storm Door - Page 2

  • Step 3 : Install the latch side flange

    Install the latch side flange

    Measure the length from the rain cap to the bottom of the jamb. Follow the directions to cut the latch side flange also called Z-bar to length.

    Install the latch side flange Drive screws through the pre-drilled holes in the mounting flange. Make sure it is installed plumb and square by using a level.

  • Step 4 : Install the door sweep

    Install the door sweep

    Slide the door sweep assembly over the bottom of the door and adjust it so the gap at the bottom of the door is sealed off. The secure the sweep with screws.

  • Step 5 : Install the door latch

    Install the door latch

    Most doors come predrilled for the latch assembly. If not a template is supplied with the latch. Assemble the latch and then slide the mounting screws through the holes in the door and attach the inside plate for the latch. Before you tighten the screws make sure the latch works freely. If not, move the latch into better alignment and then tighten the screws.

  • Step 6 : Install the door closer

    Install the door closer

    The bracket for the door closer is installed on the floor jamb level with the closer piston and arm.

    Install the door latch Close the door and then attach the closer assembly to the door bracket with the mounting pin.

  • Step 7 : Replace the window and screen

    Replace the window and screen

    After the door is in place install the storm window and screen.

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