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  • Step 4 : Unfold the antenna

    Hold the main boom's elements near the pivot points and pull them away from the boom until they snap into the self-locking plastic-support insulators. Hold each wing boom and turn its elements until they snap squarely in place and press the plugs into the wing booms. Bolt the wing boom brackets onto the main boom with fastening hardware. And insert the top and bottom wing booms into the brackets and secure them with fasteners.

  • Step 5 : Install the antenna mount

    Install the antenna mount Install the antenna mount

    Antenna mounts attach to the roof, chimney or side of the house. Follow the manufacturer's installation directions. If you use a roof mount cover the mounting screws with roofing cement to assure that there are no leaks.

    Install the antenna mount Install the antenna mount To mount the antenna on a chimney it must be in good condition and at least a couple of feet above the peak of the roof. Mounts that attach to the side of the house should be attached with screws long enough to go through the siding into the underlayment or wall studs.

  • Step 6 : Attach to the mast

    Attach to the mast

    Get help from someone who can hold the antenna on a ladder while you slide the antenna mast clamp assembly over the end of the mast and tighten to hold the antenna in place. Be careful not to let the crossover wires touch the antenna boom, mast or each other.

  • Step 7 : Ground the antenna

    Ground the antenna

    The antenna and mount must be grounded. Aluminum grounding wire is available where you purchased the antenna. Purchase enough to lead from the antenna to the ground. This wire is clamped to the antenna mast at the top and to a ground rod driven into the earth at ground level. Carefully follow the grounding instructions that come with the antenna.

    Lead the coax from the antenna to the location where you want it to enter the house. Install a 75-ohm grounding block on the siding and attach the end of the coax to the block. Drill a hole through the wall being careful not to hit wires or pipes that may be inside it. Run the second piece of coax through the wall and attach the end to the grounding block. Use a piece of grounding wire to attach the grounding block to the ground rod.

  • Step 8 : Attach the antenna to the TV

    Attach the antenna to the TV Attach the antenna to the TV

    You may have to purchase a splitter if you want to use the TV antenna as an antenna for the FM radio. The illustrations show several possible combinations.

    Attach the antenna to the TV Attach the antenna to the TV

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